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My Favorites~ :DYancy by ichigo-tanPrincess Kougyoku by ichigo-tanCake by ichigo-tanCinnamoroll Buns by PhoebeRoseCinnamoroll by moojigaeCinnamoroll and Milk by anniemahoCinnamoroll by anniemahoCute Cinnamoroll Icon by Kiss-the-IconistSparklie Cinnamoroll Icon by Kiss-the-IconistSatomi Panda Icon by Kiss-the-IconistGif by Emoxynhagif by EmoxynhaGif by EmoxynhaGif by Emoxynhastrawberry by clytzemiPanda Girl by clytzemisailor by clytzemihigh-heeled shoes by clytzemi



Hello, Hoover ^w^
A sweet drawing of my OC self that I drew a while back that stars my OC self striking a cute pose 4 a certain shy, tall & possibly rumored Colossal Titan Colossal Titan 50M-02 [V4] cutie 4rm AOT, Bertholdt Hoover!:iconbertholdtplz:Sassy Bertholdt  Don't I look cute? I hope Hoover think so 2~! Adorable Girl Anime Emoji (Heart Dance) [V6] :iconspeechbubbleplz: U look so pwetty >////<

Fangirl /Yasuko Takasu (Fangirling) [V1] :iconspeechbubbleplz: She's so pretty~<33

Fangirl - Lucy Fairy Tail :iconspeechbubbleplz: U look really gorgeous sweetie~

Boa Hancock (Luffy Fangirling) [V1] :iconspeechbubbleplz: Kyaaah~ U look so beautiful dear~:heart:

Grell Sutcliff (Fangirling) [V2] :iconspeechbubbleplz: Darling, u look absolutely ravishing in your bikini~ U simply must give me some fashion tips sometime~

GIF Gravity Falls - AAAH THE JOURNALS!!!! :iconspeechbubbleplz: Wow! U r really cute!!! :heart::heart:

:iconlorenavldz09::iconspeechbubbleplz: O-Oh, thank u ladies! I hope Hoover thinks I look nice in my bikini 2! >//////<

:iconbertholdtplz::iconspeechbubbleplz: O....O-O-Of course I do, Lori! I think u look really gorgeous in your bikini >///< *blushes bright red*

:iconlorenavldz09::iconspeechbubbleplz: T-Thank u Hoover! ^////^ *kisses Hoover's cheeks*

:iconbertholdtplz::iconspeechbubbleplz: Y...Y-You're welcome Lori! O/////O

Awww, I can imagine Hoover being all shy seeing me in my bikini, but deep down he thinks I look really lovely so I can kiss him on the lips my sonamy kiss gif Kisu Little nose peck :surprisekiss: :kiss: :kiss: revamp 

Btw! I was inspired 2 make this piece after looking up Otome dating visual novel images on Google, & NO, I didn't look up any steamy sex images that u typically c in erotica visual novel games, I only looked up the interaction btwn characters images so absolutely NO lewd or inappropriate comments, or else I WILL disable comments! I mean it!!!!!*Free Icon/Emote* Pusheen (Angry) Sans Rage Intensifies Chat Emoticon Llama Emoji-66 (Angry) [V3] IS THIS WHAT YOU WANT Pusheen Staring Icon Neko Emoji-15 (Angry) [V1] Monokuma (Angry) [V2] Kermit Disapproves - Emote Bunny Emoji-29 (Angry) [V2] Table Flip Angry 

Neko Emoji-37 (Yay) [V2] I Love You Emote Neko Emoji-28 (Yay sho happy) [V2] balloon Panda Bunny Neko Misc Emoji-07 (Applause) [V1] Thank U & I Did My Best!!!Panda Bunny Neko Misc Emoji-07 (Applause) [V1] balloon I Love You Emote Neko Emoji-28 (Yay sho happy) [V2] Neko Emoji-37 (Yay) [V2] 
A cute Undertale drawing I drew a while back starring the adorably sweet spider baker, Muffet! Icon Muffet - test Muffet Icon Muffet Spider Emoticon Icon Gif - Undertale Muffet Icon  Isn't she adorable? I think so! FREE ICON: Cute Mimikkyu :iconspeechbubbleplz: :heart:

Pearl Emote 43 :iconspeechbubbleplz: Aww. despite her creepy looks, she is still cute~<333

Sad Cutecookies Mascot :iconspeechbubbleplz: How adorable :heart:

Anyways, I hope I did ok with drawing Muffet because this was honestly my 1st time drawing a spider character, & drawing 6 arms was a bit of a challenge 4 me but I did my best!

So... Would u buy some sweets 4rm this cute spider baker or would u like some spider cider, dearie?
Muffet Spider Emoticon Icon Gif - Undertale :iconspeechbubbleplz: Ahuhu, that's right, care 4 some spider cider, tea, or milk dearie?

:iconlorenavldz09::iconspeechbubbleplz: I will have some milk tea & a small chocolate éclair plz ^^

Muffet Icon :iconspeechbubbleplz: Here u r dearie *gives me some milk tea & small éclair*

:iconlorenavldz09::iconspeechbubbleplz: Thank u Muffet! ^^

Italy (Globe Dance) [V2] Emote Cuddle Love :DrunkBummy: Neko Emoji-28 (Yay sho happy) [V2] Neko Emoji-37 (Yay) [V2] yay Thank U & I Did My Best!!!yay Neko Emoji-37 (Yay) [V2] Neko Emoji-28 (Yay sho happy) [V2] :DrunkBummy: Emote Cuddle Love Italy (Globe Dance) [V2] 

*A/N: Muffet belongs 2 UnderTale & Toby Fox, NOT me!*
My Birthday Cake ^^
My birthday cake that I made on Thursday Sept.15th before Sept.16th came by! FREE ICON: Cute Mimikkyu :iconspeechbubbleplz: :heart: So, what do u think? My mum baked the cake but I decorated my cake myself, so I think I did d a pretty good job .3.

Oh! The cake turned out really good so if u want a slice, don't b shy 2 ask for 1 C: ---> Super Fantastic Golden Platter Cake 3D Birthday cake  icon Fun cake :carnivorouscake: birthday cake cake Patrick (Cake) [V1] Cake for Shifteh Dessert Set:  Strawberry Cake Button - Left Free Avatar - CupTardCake Minecraft cake (Pixel art) Eating Collection.6 fella's Gobbler (Party) cupcake CaekCat Food Emoji-02 (Short Cake) :cakela: Cake Cute pudding x3 Birthday Cake Oh, hay, it's a cake Dessert Set: Strawberry Cake Button - Right Food Emoji-03 (Mini Cake) Dessert Set: Chocolate Cake Button - Right cake love Dessert Set: Chocolate Cake Button - Left Icon Free Cake Pixel Cake Pink bouncing cake Happy cake (100th Gif)Cake Icon 6, Pink Roses Cake 

Anyways, I had a pretty nice b-day birthdAy '09 fella (Badges) 
balloon I Love You Emote Panda Bunny Neko Misc Emoji-07 (Applause) [V1] Anime Emoji (Oh yay dance) [V2] Neko Emoji-37 (Yay) [V2] Thank U Every1!!!Neko Emoji-37 (Yay) [V2] Anime Emoji (Oh yay dance) [V2] Panda Bunny Neko Misc Emoji-07 (Applause) [V1] I Love You Emote balloon 


lorenavldz09's Profile Picture
Lorena(Lori, Lorianne) Valdez
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States
I'm quiet, friendly and artistic.
I love anime & manga with a burning passion. Call me a crazy Otaku but I'm content^^
Yaoi is my passion*w* My motto 4 yaoi- If you don't like yaoi then that means you hate me & you're missing out on BL greatness!

Favorite colors: black & pink.
Favorite anime: Hetalia, Black Butler, FMA: Brotherhood, Attack on Titan, Parasyte, Hunter x Hunter, DanganRonpa & recently No Game, No Life.
Favorite manga: Hetalia, FMA: Brotherhood, Black Butler, Crimson Spell, Attack on Titan, Merman in my Bathtub, Glass Wings, Vampires Kisses, & GA- Geijitsuka Art academy.

Pets: 1 Chihuahua, 1 German Shepard, 1 Shiz-Tzu, I have 1 spoiled Siamese kitten, 2 birds & a mean rooster :meow:

I also enjoy listening/reading to scary stories from CreepyPasta :3

:iconbummy1: I AM AWESOME~:XD: :iconbummy2: :iconbummy3:

My dA son/friend/boyfriend-:iconzoudon:/:iconibwb:
My funny dA friend-:iconhieiskittygirl:
Writes like Toboso Yana-san-:icontrinitysage:
China fan-:iconshannaheart:
Japan/Hetalia fan-:iconthebigblackdevil5:
Hetalia/Wolf fan-:iconilovecats13:
Fellow Hetalia fan like me-:iconloonyluna901:
A Big Sweetheart-:iconravioli911:
Sebastian fan-:iconsonicxmelissa302:
Vaporeon/Pokémon fan-:icon1rockgirl121:
Ryuubi fan-:iconadenthecaringone:
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Good Friend-:iconcrap-zapper:
My fun Pokémon/Naruto friend-:iconxxiloveakatsukixx:
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Naruto fan-:iconnarufro93:
Gallade/Gardevoir fan-:iconwpbcrazy:
Fun friend-:iconxhowyouremindmex:
Fellow anime fan like me-:iconpendragon-09:
Fellow SE fan-:iconrandom-drawer357:
A fellow FMA fan & LoZ fan-:iconzeliga:
Fellow yaoi fan like me- :iconanyagladstone:
Gr8 dA friend-:iconspiritofwolvesnight:
Fellow Izaya fan-:iconbariyukai:
Fellow Kuroshitsuji fan like me-:iconciousk:

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Hello every1 ^-^ I have returned! B4 any1 asks no, I'm not dead, I was just busy with filling out an online job application 4 Walmart, overcoming art block & planning an upcoming Realms Con trip that I'm going 2 with my family very soon O:

With that outta the way I have some news 2 tell u all u.u

So a week or 2 weeks ago I filled out a job application 4 Walmart as a stocker since I figured that I am an organized person, I regularly organize my bookshelf & file cabinet at least once a week & I absolutely detest clutter >__< I think a job like this would b perfect 4 me because I order! Still.... I know the job will involve squatting, lifting & kneeling but I think they will serve as benefits because all of that could possibly help me get in shape, don't u think? .3.

So... After taking the assessment & passing it I hope I get a job as either a cashier or stocker, but I am really hoping I get the stocker job because I know it would b a good job 4 me Cute Frog Hug F2U Mew icon SmileyFactory I've got too much work to do. Little Worker be doo be doo be doo All I have 2 do now is wait & c what job I will b given! Pray 4 me every1 :pray:La worship Asuna Praying Icon Pray Pray Weep Gator :pray: remake 

Hatsune Miku-01 (Good Luck) Makoto and Erio (High Five) [V1] Ringo Tsukimiya (Good luck) [V2] :love: Emote Cuddle Love Adorable Girl Anime Emoji (Heart Dance) [V6] *Free Icon/Emote* Totoro ( Heart) I Luv U All & Wish Me Good Luck!*Free Icon/Emote* Totoro ( Heart) Adorable Girl Anime Emoji (Heart Dance) [V6] Emote Cuddle Love :love: Ringo Tsukimiya (Good luck) [V2] Makoto and Erio (High Five) [V1] Hatsune Miku-01 (Good Luck) 

  • Listening to: Shiroi Fuukei
  • Watching: Parasyte -The Maxim-
  • Eating: Chicken Spaghetti
  • Drinking: Iced Tea

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yo cute art :3
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Hi there bud :) 
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Thanks so much for the fave!

Please send me your newest arts in a message Lori, cause I'm having troubles keeping up with my mail, but I reply to comments and messages much faster than I do other kinds of notifications
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Hi Lori chan :) 
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Thank you for the fave Lori!
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hi bud :)
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